Children and The Troubles

The Children of the Troubles: Witnessing a Generation's Struggle for Peace in Northern Ireland

The Photos seen in this exhibited where kindly donated to us from a collection by Michael Schwartz 

In 1988, Michael Schwartz, an accomplished photographer hailing from the bustling streets of New York, embarked on a courageous journey to Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a purpose that transcended borders and ideologies. Armed with his camera and an unyielding determination to capture the unvarnished truth, Michael set out to document the relentless turmoil of “The Troubles.”

Amidst the turbulent and divided city, Michael’s lens became a conduit of human emotion and lived experience. He fearlessly navigated the treacherous streets, drawn to the epicenter of conflict where barricades and scars bore witness to a community grappling with decades of sectarian strife.

Through the evocative power of his photographs, Michael unearthed the stark realities faced by Belfast’s residents on a daily basis. Each image conveyed the heartache and resilience of ordinary people living amidst violence and uncertainty, telling stories that words could scarcely convey.

As a witness to the devastating impact of violence and loss, Michael was profoundly moved by the strength and humanity that persisted amidst the chaos. He found solace in the moments of unity and hope, capturing instances of cross-community cooperation and determination to build a better future.

With his unwavering commitment to truth and empathy, Michael’s work transcended mere photojournalism, transforming into a profound narrative that stirred the collective conscience of the world. His photographs brought to light the urgent need for peace and reconciliation, resonating far beyond the borders of Belfast.

Michael Schwartz’s trip to Belfast in 1988 remains a testament to the power of photography as a tool for understanding, compassion, and change. His poignant images have etched the memories of Belfast’s struggles into the annals of history, serving as a reminder of the importance of seeking common ground and fostering understanding in even the darkest of times.

Michael Schwartz pictured with a dark haired woman on his visit to Northern Ireland
Derry Mural

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